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Pilates Classes in Puerto Vallarta

Pilates for

Pilates Classes in Puerto Vallarta

Pilates for

Art of movement


Discipline and dedication


Balance and awareness


Our Pilates classes in Puerto Vallarta

Connect with your body,
develop your mind,
and expand your spirit.

Pilates classes
focused on health

  • Our approach is completely therapeutic.
  • Specializing in re-educating the body to move properly, safeguarding the spine and joints.
  • Our primary focus is realigning the body to alleviate pain, addressing poor postural habits, and prioritizing muscular strengthening and flexibility.
  • We offer classes tailored to individuals with Parkinson’s, aiming to enhance their overall movement and physical well-being.
Pilates classes for all ages.
Restorative Pilates.
Specialization in injuries.
Special classes for people with Parkinson's.

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Our Pilates classes in Puerto Vallarta

Connect with your body, develop your mind, and expand your spirit.

Our packages

Pilates & health

Our work style is entirely therapeutic.
Our specialty is retraining the body to move correctly, protecting the spinal column and
joints, realigning and strengthening it.
We offer classes for people with Parkinson’s.

* Until your assessment is completed, and a program is designed to help resolve any pain or injury in your body, it’s not possible to join group classes.

Personalized Pilates classes schedules:

Monday to Friday:
6 am. a 2 pm. y 5 a 9 pm.
Classes every hour.
6 am. a 12 pm.

Group class schedules:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 7 and 9 am.
Tuesday and Thursday: 8 am and 7 pm.

Pilates classes in Puerto Vallarta

Return to life

Takes you to the understanding and
enforcement of the Pilates Method
fundamentals and Principles.
You will
learn the correct and essential breathing patterns for the safe execution of the exercises on the Mat, the Cadillac, the Reformer and all Studio equipment and accessories.
The teacher will have the opportunity to carry out a postural assessment to
acknowledge the strengths, weaknesses and existing misalignments on a muscular level. The attention is personalized, the
exercises are adapted to your needs and physical condition in order to incorporate the student in a safer, more comfortable and effective way into a group class.


Includes yearly registration fee.

  • 2 personalized classes + 6 group classes (Two classes per week).
  • Appointments available from 6 am, with the last class from 8 to 9 pm.

First-month price.
To schedule your first appointment, payment in advance is required. If you choose to enroll in a private class package or in The Return to Life Package, the $70 Usd will be credited to either package.

Individual packages

In personalized attention you have the freedom and the advantage to pick a
variety of schedules according to your needs. Plus, you will be able to decide how you want to work that day, according to your animic, emotional and physical state, in a class in which the professor will focus only on you. Thus, the advancement towards your goals will be more noticeable, effective and quick in weight loss situations or any other type of needs such as injuries, physical limitations, restoring medical indications, pre or post operative situations among others.

  • Personalized classes have a validity of 3 months.
  • They are scheduled based on calendar availability.
 8 classes

 8 clases

10 classes

 10 clases

12 classes

 12 clases

15 classes

15 clases

Walk in personalized class

clase individual

Group packages

The group classes are for those that have already a constant practice of the
method. In the group environment, the professor will focus on the right breathing patterns, sequences and execution in order to embed the fundamentals and principals to achieve synchronized movement and breath which will lead you to an effective execution on the repertoire of harder sequences. As a result you will have complete control of your body, optimum physical functioning that will be reflected on a perfect posture when you sit, stand or walk.

  • Group classes are valid for 4 weeks.
  • Class schedules are subject to availability and may change according to the
8 classes

 8 clases

12 classes

 12 clases

16 classes

16 clases

20 classes

16 clases

Walk in personalized class *

* Only for people that have experience practicing Pilates.

Yoga &

Yoga Schedules
Group classes:

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday: 9 am.

Yoga in Puerto Vallarta

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a posture, breathing and meditation discipline that helps balance the interaction between the mind, the body and the soul, Yoga means “unity”.
The benefits of Yoga include: the increase of flexibility, stress reduction; plus it deepens the development of your nature’s self knowledge, providing physical and mental tools so the body harmonizes in one, increasing pirituality.At NACER, we work several styles,
from Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Tripsichore Yoga.

  • Group classes are valid for 4 weeks.
  • Class schedules are subject to availability and may change according to the season.
2 classes per week

 8 clases

3 classes per week

 12 clases

Walk in group class

clase individual

In a few words

About Us

Tere López

Tere López is an International Pilates and Yoga Teacher.
Certified by NPCP and PMA in the United States, she focuses on a health-oriented Pilates practice while preserving the essence of this method.
With over 20 years of experience, she teaches classes bilingually at Nacer Estudio and trains Pilates Instructors in Mexico.

Only time is perfect, as it always follows its course and presents you with opportunities, so it’s up to you to make the most of it… We need to be attentive and know how to seize the gifts that God has prepared for each one of us.”